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Laura and Russells Wedding Luton Hoo

Just into October after a week or two of bad weather Saturday the 9th was looking good, but as usual the BBC weather was wrong. It didn’t rain which was good but it was a bit cold and overcast all day. The day started with me heading to the venue about 9 o’clock to photograph the bride prep.

Luton Hoo was the venue, and what a great venue a 18th century Grade 1 listed Mansion House on the boarder of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. I then off the the Cross Keys in Harpenden to catch up with the groom. After a quick bit of Dutch courage the groom and best man made there way across to St Nicholas church to wait for the bride.

laura-russell-1009 Hertfordshire weddings

The venue Luton Hoo
laura-russell-1000 Hertfordshire weddings

Shoes By Rainbow

laura-russell-1001 Hertfordshire weddings

Hair and Makeup by Candace Roberts
laura-russell-2000 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2001 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2002 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry the ring boy arrives, 18 months old and looking the part.
laura-russell-1002 Hertfordshire weddings

Russell making sure the boys know there jobs.

laura-russell-2003 Hertfordshire weddings

Laura arrives with her father looking fantastic followed by two flower girls.
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laura-russell-1004 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2004 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1007 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1008 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1010 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1011 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1012 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry getting down on the dance floor.
laura-russell-1013 Hertfordshire weddings

The next Luck Girl.

Vicky and Pauls Wedding St Marys Church Luton

On a sunny but windy 25th of September Vicky and Paul got married at St Mary’s church in the centre of Luton. The bride stayed with tradition and arrived at the church a bit late, but well worth waiting for she looked beautiful. A great service followed by a tea and cakes in the church hall for some of Vicky and Pauls friends then off to Letchworth Hall Hotel for the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

The church building you see today is the largest in Bedfordshire and one of the finer medieval churches in England. It dates mainly from the 14th and 15th centuries. The earlier church was built about 931, founded by King Athelstan as an act of thanksgiving for victory over the Danes. The land here was owned by the king in Saxon and early Norman times and the church was very richly endowed.

Here is a small selection of the images from the day.








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