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Devika and John’s Engagement Shoot

Just spent a very pleasant morning at Tewin Bury Farm with Devika and John shooting there engagement, they are getting married here on 29th July. I haven’t shoot a wedding here before so I had a good look round today. Devika and John’s wedding is outside so full sun could be a problem! but this is England so the weather could do anything on the day.

Tewin Bury Farm is an old 17th century farm just outside Welwyn Garden City the venue has lots of nice out buildings and a river, so some great locations for the wedding day photos.

For all you F1 GP fans, Tewin was once the home of are very own Lewis Hamilton.


Zoe and James Engagement Shoot

A few weeks before the wedding, on a lazy Sunday morning at Croxley Green in Hertfordshire I took Zoe and James out for an hour or so to do an engagement shoot. The shoot had two purposes in mind, to get to know the couple and to get an image that they could use for a guest signing board.

Signing Boards seem to be get more popular these days, replacing the more traditional “Signing Books”. Anyway I first took them to an old brick alleyway between some local shops, Zoe and James looked a bit confused, I think they thought how can this possible work we need some nice pictures. I reassured them “trust me this is a great place, we will get some great shots here”.

I took a set of images in the alleyway then we moved just round the corner to some old garages, once again I said “this is great”, I shot another set of images. The next location was a local park so we did the normal walking, holding, kissing shots. At the end of the shoot they both said that was fun.

Here are a few shots from the day, the first shot was the one that they used for there signing board, it was taken by the old garages and they loved it.


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