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Back in December the features editor of  “Your Herts and Beds Wedding Magazine” was ringing local Hertfordshire Wedding photographers and asking if they had any memorable wedding that year, the thing is that all my weddings are memorable but one did spring to mind. The wedding of Laura and Russell Pert back in October, this wedding matches the magazine perfectly as the wedding was in Hertfordshire and the reception was in Bedfordshire. The service was at St Nicholas Church in Harpenden, we then changed county for the reception at Luton Hoo.

“We Speak to some of the region’s most talented wedding photographers to reveal their favourite big day shots”


Well Grounded

Shot on 9th October, 2010, this image of Laura and Russell Pert by Peter Hearl is a beautiful image taken at Luton Hoo — and a favourite of Peter’s. He tells us: “I love this shot because it captures an intimate moment betweed the pair, and it was the only time in the day that they could steal a walk together through the stunning grounds.”


Jean-Maré and David – Wedding Highlights

Here is a wedding update,

I have just found this video on YouTube of Jean Mare and David’s Wedding.  A Wedding I shot last August at St Nicholas Church in Harpenden. The Video was shot by Aardvark Wedding Films a very professional and friendly team of videographers and great to work with.

I hope you enjoy it.

p.s sorry they did catch me on video, but only a couple of times.


Wedding Highlights – Jean-Mare and David from Aardvark Films on Vimeo.

Laura and Russells Wedding Luton Hoo

Just into October after a week or two of bad weather Saturday the 9th was looking good, but as usual the BBC weather was wrong. It didn’t rain which was good but it was a bit cold and overcast all day. The day started with me heading to the venue about 9 o’clock to photograph the bride prep.

Luton Hoo was the venue, and what a great venue a 18th century Grade 1 listed Mansion House on the boarder of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. I then off the the Cross Keys in Harpenden to catch up with the groom. After a quick bit of Dutch courage the groom and best man made there way across to St Nicholas church to wait for the bride.

laura-russell-1009 Hertfordshire weddings

The venue Luton Hoo
laura-russell-1000 Hertfordshire weddings

Shoes By Rainbow

laura-russell-1001 Hertfordshire weddings

Hair and Makeup by Candace Roberts
laura-russell-2000 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2001 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2002 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry the ring boy arrives, 18 months old and looking the part.
laura-russell-1002 Hertfordshire weddings

Russell making sure the boys know there jobs.

laura-russell-2003 Hertfordshire weddings

Laura arrives with her father looking fantastic followed by two flower girls.
laura-russell-1003 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1004 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2004 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1007 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1008 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1010 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1011 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1012 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry getting down on the dance floor.
laura-russell-1013 Hertfordshire weddings

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