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Devika and John’s Engagement Shoot

Just spent a very pleasant morning at Tewin Bury Farm with Devika and John shooting there engagement, they are getting married here on 29th July. I haven’t shoot a wedding here before so I had a good look round today. Devika and John’s wedding is outside so full sun could be a problem! but this is England so the weather could do anything on the day.

Tewin Bury Farm is an old 17th century farm just outside Welwyn Garden City the venue has lots of nice out buildings and a river, so some great locations for the wedding day photos.

For all you F1 GP fans, Tewin was once the home of are very own Lewis Hamilton.


Zoe and James Engagement Shoot

A few weeks before the wedding, on a lazy Sunday morning at Croxley Green in Hertfordshire I took Zoe and James out for an hour or so to do an engagement shoot. The shoot had two purposes in mind, to get to know the couple and to get an image that they could use for a guest signing board.

Signing Boards seem to be get more popular these days, replacing the more traditional “Signing Books”. Anyway I first took them to an old brick alleyway between some local shops, Zoe and James looked a bit confused, I think they thought how can this possible work we need some nice pictures. I reassured them “trust me this is a great place, we will get some great shots here”.

I took a set of images in the alleyway then we moved just round the corner to some old garages, once again I said “this is great”, I shot another set of images. The next location was a local park so we did the normal walking, holding, kissing shots. At the end of the shoot they both said that was fun.

Here are a few shots from the day, the first shot was the one that they used for there signing board, it was taken by the old garages and they loved it.


Natalie and Andrew Wedding at Moor Park Rickmansworth

My First wedding of 2011 was on a overcast and chilly January day at Moor Park Golf Club, Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. Moor Park is a Grade I listed Palladian mansion set within several hundred acres of parkland and a great venue for a wedding, and for you golfers it has two challenging courses.

Natalie and Andrew where getting married at 2 o’clock which for me as a photographer could have been a problem with light, but all went well the light held until 4:30 and I got some great shots.

With a 10 o’clock start for hair and make-up we had plenty of time for some bridal prep shots, and then had time to take advantage of the rooms and staircases at Moor Park for some more great images.

With a break from traditional the groom would not be waiting on his own for his bride to arrive, as the couple decided to walk up the isle together. This gave me an optionality to do what the Americans call a “First Look“, I set Andrew up in one for the bedrooms with some good lighting and his back to the door, Natalie then walked in and tapped Andrew on the shoulder he turn to look at her for the first time as his bride, click a great emotional moment was captured.







Hair and make-up was by Shahnaz Walford ‘the make up girl’ simple but elegant.


The “First Look”





‘Fireworks, 9:30, January’  It’s a lot colder and darker then it look.

Herts and Beds Weddings Magazine

Back in December the features editor of  “Your Herts and Beds Wedding Magazine” was ringing local Hertfordshire Wedding photographers and asking if they had any memorable wedding that year, the thing is that all my weddings are memorable but one did spring to mind. The wedding of Laura and Russell Pert back in October, this wedding matches the magazine perfectly as the wedding was in Hertfordshire and the reception was in Bedfordshire. The service was at St Nicholas Church in Harpenden, we then changed county for the reception at Luton Hoo.

“We Speak to some of the region’s most talented wedding photographers to reveal their favourite big day shots”


Well Grounded

Shot on 9th October, 2010, this image of Laura and Russell Pert by Peter Hearl is a beautiful image taken at Luton Hoo — and a favourite of Peter’s. He tells us: “I love this shot because it captures an intimate moment betweed the pair, and it was the only time in the day that they could steal a walk together through the stunning grounds.”


Laura and Russells Wedding Luton Hoo

Just into October after a week or two of bad weather Saturday the 9th was looking good, but as usual the BBC weather was wrong. It didn’t rain which was good but it was a bit cold and overcast all day. The day started with me heading to the venue about 9 o’clock to photograph the bride prep.

Luton Hoo was the venue, and what a great venue a 18th century Grade 1 listed Mansion House on the boarder of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. I then off the the Cross Keys in Harpenden to catch up with the groom. After a quick bit of Dutch courage the groom and best man made there way across to St Nicholas church to wait for the bride.

laura-russell-1009 Hertfordshire weddings

The venue Luton Hoo
laura-russell-1000 Hertfordshire weddings

Shoes By Rainbow

laura-russell-1001 Hertfordshire weddings

Hair and Makeup by Candace Roberts
laura-russell-2000 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2001 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2002 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry the ring boy arrives, 18 months old and looking the part.
laura-russell-1002 Hertfordshire weddings

Russell making sure the boys know there jobs.

laura-russell-2003 Hertfordshire weddings

Laura arrives with her father looking fantastic followed by two flower girls.
laura-russell-1003 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1004 Hertfordshire weddings

laura-russell-2004 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1005 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1007 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1008 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-2006 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1010 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1011 Hertfordshire weddings
laura-russell-1012 Hertfordshire weddings

Harry getting down on the dance floor.
laura-russell-1013 Hertfordshire weddings

The next Luck Girl.

Ching and Petros Wedding Fanhams Hall Hotel

Ching & Petros

Sunday 28th March 2010 at Fanham Hall Hotel

Fanham hall hotel HDR Image

The house dates back to the 1400’s and over recent years has seen the commission of wonderful terraces and stunning original features.

With Grade II listed features and parkland, we have carefully restored them to create stunning areas of natural beauty throughout the year with the changing of the seasons.

They combine formal gardens with an ornate lily pond with fountain to our secluded avenue of trees leading to a walled rose garden.

Our wisteria walk provides a secluded pathway leading to our unique Japanese styled gardens complete with waterfalls, bridge over our lake and an original ornamental tea house.












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