Lisa & Lee

I have to say that we he surpassed all of our expectations, he was perfect for the kind of day and atmosphere that we wanted and had an amazing sense of calm that he passed on to both Lee and I (and some of our guests) From our first meeting to the wedding day itself, he listened to all our ideas and was at interested and present every stage (he came to both the reception venue and the church rehearsal) so he was fully prepared and aware of any limitations, as an example he meet our Vicar and discussed camera angles, lighting and timings. I didn’t have to think about any of these issues, he came along to our reception venue and took trial shots to make sure that the room was lit correctly- he even helped with advice on where to put the cake table to make sure it was in the best location for photos and to be viewed from the whole room.

On the day itself, I decided not to have photographs of me getting ready; so Peter went and met Lee and his friends at the pub across the road from the church, some of those shots I’ll treasure. He was unobtrusive but got some really personal and insightful photos. At the church, he was one of the first people I saw after getting out of the car, and was a calm smiling and very welcome face.

Peter took fantastic shots of our ceremony, without us even realising he was there, he captured some of the unforgettable moments (a toy car making a racing noise during a reading etc) after the ceremony, we had a few group shots, he managed these in a calm considered way and wasn’t phased at any stage of the madness (trying to arrange, Nan’s, Aunts etc wasn’t the best man’s strong point!)

Lee and I then decided to let our guests go off to the venue and have a precious few moments to ourselves, Peter made suggestions as to where to stand, sit etc, but in the main he left us to talk and savour being husband and wife. He really captured the moment- if you look at a couple of the photos you can see when I made the decision to remove the veil!

When we made our way to the reception, again Peter was there in a discreet way and that was how it stayed for the rest of the day. He blended in with our guests and took some fantastic photos of our friends and family. He captured the room, the flowers, the cake etc and its just how I remember it. He also handled random requests from some of our family for photos, he was a joy to have around, I feel terrible that he left (much later than we expected) without me saying goodbye and thank you but I saw him shortly after coming back from honeymoon when he delivered our dvd of images. One amazing thing I must mention is how fantastic it was being on honeymoon on a rainy day (the only one!) when we were able to view our wedding images at the hotel. I think it was the fastest I moved all holiday when Lee told me they were online.

Peter has great skill in photographing people in a relaxed and his photos for us almost tell the story of the day. I don’t know if he’s sent you the link to our photo’s but I’ll attach it in case you’d like to take a look. We’ve got over 400 photos and to be honest we really don’t know where to start choosing for our album, it’s our project for this weekend and I can’t wait.

lisa-lee-sopwell-house-2002 Lisa & Lee